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This Video is private and can't be shared with the public, however we're happy to show some frames of this work.

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Zegna Winter 2023-14.png
Zegna Winter 2023-13.png

Direction:  Mattia Frassinella

Creative Direction:  Alessandro Sartori

Producer:  Lorenzo Manzinello

Production:  P5 Production

Shot by:  Prest5 - creative studio

Direction of Photography:  Mattia Frassinella

PostProduction:  Prest5 - creative studio

Client:  Zegna

Zegna Producer:  Amalia Cantagalli

Styling: Zegna Design team

HMU: Roman Gasser

Production Coordination:  Fabrizia Beccaro

Video Rental:  T-RENT

Shot at:  Oasi Zegna / Monte Marca

Zegna Winter 2023-2.png
Zegna Winter 2023-8.png
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